We can rid of that ugly old dead tree in your yard!

Stump Grinding Brisbane and Tree Stump Removal

Do you want to create more space in your yard? Have you just had a tree cut down and you’re looking at an obstructive, potentially dangerous and/or damaging tree trunk?

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stump removal brisbane


We are specialists in Tree Stump Removal Brisbane.

stump grinding brisbane


Then we will grind out the remains so that you can regain that wasted space and use it for something else. Also you can be rest assured that pests like termites will not nest in the old stump.

Stump Grinding Brisbane

We now use the latest in tree stump removal technology with our portable grinder, so that we can now access previously inaccessible locations in Brisbane North & Southside.. With our new equipment we have been able to specialise in awkward access and removal. Kiwi Stump Grinding Brisbane is one of the few specialists in the local area that can handle awkward access jobs as well as jobs that require larger machinery.

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Tree lopping

There is nowhere we can’t get to with a chainsaw in our hands. Difficult access can always be solved. Trees are normally taken down branch by branch, from the top down, and our experienced climbers will ensure that you, your property and your tree(s) are in safe hands.

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Yard clearing

You don’t have to put off any clean-up jobs any longer! Call us on 0433 028 124 right now and watch our team do all the work for you.We can access nearly all locations, but if you have rubbish somewhere tricky, then call us and we’ll work out a solution with you.

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Kiwi Stumpgrinding

Is a professional owner-operater business dedicated to providing superior customer service with 10 years experience we do the job right. We have a compact lightweight grinder that will fit through all gates which means we can get to and remove all old tree trunks. We cover the whole of the Brisbane and Ipswich area.There is nowhere we can't cut or grind. Difficult access? "No problem".

We can also provide:-

  • Tree lopping…
  • Stump removal…
  • Yard clean up…
  • We are fully insured for your peace of mind. With 10 years grinding experience behind us, you are guaranteed a professional service.


  • I have been thoroughly impressed with the Kiwi Stump grinding team. They came the same day I rang them and removed two trunks in no time at all.

    Susan D
    The Gap

  • Thanks Paul and team for the great trimming job. The view from our veranda has never looked so good. I will definately reccommend you to my friends.

    Ben G

  • I have tried the rest and Kiwi is the best! Very friendly and efficient.

    Charlene S

  • When we demolished our old kitchen, we were going to hire a skip until our friends told us about Paul and his services. They came and removed the lot at a very reasonable price.

    Karen V

  • Stump grinding
  • Tree lopping
  • Rubbish removal/yard clean up

Stump grinding

Do you want to create more space in your yard? Have you just had a tree cut down and you’re looking at an obstructive, potentially dangerous and/or damaging tree trunks? Even if the stump is low to the ground – if the tree is still alive new shoots will continually grow out of the trunk and the roots. And if the trunk is dead, it makes a nice home for white ants. Is it worth the risk?

Kiwi Stumpgrinding’s director and operator, Paul Penhall, has ten years experience and has the latest technology which makes us one of the only specialists in the Brisbane and Ipswich areas that can handle awkward access. Any large trunks are removed with the bigger grinder, which does need 900mm wide access. The trunk and roots are removed by literally grinding them out – so what is left is mulch you can use to fill the hole left by the old trunk or spread the mulch elsewhere in your garden.

What we provide is a fast, reliable, safe and friendly stump removal service. We offer free quotes, services on the same day if possible and are available on the weekends. So don’t consider costly backhoes or excavators – stumpgrinding is the no-fuss, no-mess solution.

We will provide estimates over the phone, but we prefer to officially quote once we’ve sighted your stump(s) and confirmed how deep and/or extensive the trunk and roots are. Minimum price is $110 and if, for example, you have a large amount of average-sized palm stumps, then each stump could cost as little as $30. Hardwoods need to be quoted separately, and remember, the more tree stump removals you have, the cheaper it gets!




Tree Lopping

Have you just bought property that has large trees? Are your existing trees starting to get too big? Are you worried about storms and falling branches that could damage vehicles or your house? Are your trees interfering with power lines? Are branches overhanging your roof, causing damage to and clogging gutters? Are tree roots and trunks in the way of home improvements, a new fence or shed for instance? Are the tree roots getting into underground plumbing and sewage pipes? Is your tree a pest, like a Chinese elm, or do you just need a canopy trimming?

There is nowhere we can't cut or grind . Difficult access? "No problem". Trees are normally taken down limb by limb, from top to bottom. There are many reasons why property owners consider lopping trees. Our experienced climbers will ensure that your property and tree(s) are in safe hands. They are fully insured and have many years of experience between them.

If you, have any of these problems, call us today on 0433 028 124. We can cut the tree and remove the trunk on the same day.








Rubbish removal

You don’t have to put off any clean-up jobs any longer! Call right now and watch our team do all the work for you.

Here are some examples of what we’ve removed from both home and commercial properties:

  • all types and quantities of green waste
  • unwanted household and office furniture
  • old kitchen and bathroom cupboards, appliances and furniture – perfect for when you’ve been renovating
  • building waste, including steel, bricks, broken-up cement, etc.
  • stuff from the shed – believe us – we’ve seen it all!
  • We can access nearly all locations, but if you have rubbish somewhere tricky, then call us and we’ll work out a solution with you.

    Kiwi Stumpgrinding is available for services in the Brisbane and Ipswich areas.

    Call us now on 0433 028 124. Prices start from $45 per square metre of rubbish.





  • 20/08/10New website launched!
  • Undesirable TreesHere we look at some trees you don't want in your gardens.
  • Why Remove?Problems associated with non removal of stumps.
  • Equipment UsedThe equipment used in the trade.
  • More SoonPlease check back later for new articles.

New website launched!

Kiwi Stump grinding is proud to be sporting a brand new look website. In it we showcase our services and give you an insight into the work we perform on a daily basis, along with the quality of that work. We hope that you will find it informative and we look forward to being able to provide you with a solution to your Brisbane stump grinding or tree clearance issues in the near future.

If you have any questions that can not be answered on the site, please do not hesitate in contacting us by telephoning 0433 028 124 or by using the contact form HERE

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Undesirable trees

Chinese elm:

  1. Undesirable trees. The Brisbane and Ipswich councils have classed this tree to be a nasty environmental weed and are therefore offering a 50% rebate (of up to $600) for the removal of these trees.

Problems associated with non-removal of tree stumps

Once the tree has been lopped and removed, you might think the job is finished. Well no, not yet! Like all tree lopping jobs, until the stump is removed, the job is only half done. Brisbane Stump grinding & removal has been in the Brisbane Stump grinding industry for 10 years and we are well aware of the problems associated with non-removal of tree stumps. Some of these problems are:

  • Termites
  • trip hazards
  • cracking of sandstone paths
  • failure of retaining walls
  • roots disturbing house foundations
  • unsightly areas in your property.
  • The equipment used in the trade

    Brisbane Stump grinding have satisfied all our customers who have needed our services. The machinery used for the stump removal process comes in a variety of sizes, from the size of a wheelbarrow to the size of your car. If you are interested in looking at this equipment, just search under stump grinding on YouTube.

    Kiwi Stump grinding Brisbane and Ipswich are proud to announce they have just purchased a Kanga Terminator. This stump grinding machine is very powerful and capable of grinding even the biggest tree trunk, it can be carried through your Brisbane house if there are access issues. So, no more tyre marks on driveways or indents on lawns and sandstone pavers. As a result, this new machine is in use 80% of the time for our residential customers who need to complete the tree removal process, which then regains them precious space once the stump grinding process is complete. We also now service Ipswich.

    Call us today on 0433 028 124

    More soon

    Contact information

    Call Kiwi Stump Grinding Brisbane today on 0433 028 124 or send us an email and we’ll come out to see the stump(s) or job at a time that is convenient for you. If you are wanting a stump removed in Brisbane, it's a good idea to be aware of any utilities/services that may be around it – for example, phone cables, plumbing pipes and underground power cables. (If needed, we can refer you to a professional and reliable cable locator and a plumber.)

    Kiwi Stump Grinding Brisbane

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    Please feel free to email me.