Site Preparation For Stump Grinding In Brisbane

Correct and well thought out site preparation is an all too often overlooked part of Stump Grinding that can save you time, money and spare you an enormous headache. With a simple look around your property and the access that the stump grinder will use to get to the stump, you can reduce the risk associated with your site. You will make life easier for yourself and any stump grinding contractor who comes on site. Less time spent by the professionals = more money in your pocket.


You may be looking at getting the experts in to grind the stump that last storm left behind. Or perhaps there is an old tree in your yard that is in danger of dropping dangerous limbs onto your garden, guests, kids, or pets. Dead timber – whether a stump, tree or stack of building material for house extensions, new flooring or repair, can provide fuel to burn. Continue reading


Stump Grinding Helps Prevent Termites In Brisbane

For people who live in Brisbane, there are a number of things to consider when you look at stump grinding. For the purposes of this article, I want to examine one of those considerations in detail:


termites-in-your-homeAs you can see from this image  Brisbane is in the highest risk category for Termite infestation. The variety of these versatile insects, estimated to be a 100 – 250 million year old species is truly mind boggling. With approximately 300 – 350 different species of Termite in Australia it is easy to get a sense of panic, but only about 30 species are destructive to construction. Having said that, it has been suggested that on average, 1 out of every 3 properties in this country harbour termites. I think that is worth repeating; it is estimated that one out of every three properties in Australia has a Termite colony present. Continue reading